Stories of our four-legged friends abound at Bart & Yeti’s. Locals and returning visitors alike have their own favorite fables of our famous Fidos’. Tails of a large Golden Retriever, Bart, circulating in High Society with the likes of Clint Eastwood and Nelson Rockefeller are legendary, as well as, Bart helping to sire Henry Kissinger’s dog by way of a romantic evening with, then, President Gerald Ford’s dog; Liberty. Out of the limelight was good, old Yeti. She was, among other things, quality control supervisor, mascot, guard dog, and a scally-wag. Both lived to a ripe old age…local lore has it that their drool covered tennis balls still show up from time to time. Bart & Yeti’s legacy was passed to the late Mr. Bill’s spaniel Woodrow and Lionshead’s very own Ruggs (R.I.P.). Woodrow’s duties included accounting and water bowl detail while Ruggs’, whose love of treats was epic, was in charge of atmosphere. All of the family dogs here at Bart & Yeti’s are happy to be part of the pack and glad that their owners are wise enough to bring them here.
– JD, π., Bart & Yeti’s local historian

Bart & Yeti’s is one of Vail’s only local pubs left in the valley. We have been open for 38 years here in the heart of Lionshead! Our staff has been with us a long time as well as our returning visitors from all over the world. When you come to Vail….come home.

We invite you to come in and see for yourself!