1. Been going here for years, recently been in Jan 2024. Relaxed atmosphere went in for a few sat at the bar ending up staying for quite a few chit chatting with locals at the bar, Great place.

  2. I have been visiting Bart’s for over 25 years and I was a resident on the valley for 7 years and without a doubt this is the best place to go for the great atmosphere and food and if you are lucky you will see one of the locals sitting at the bar with their dog. Don’t miss this place.

  3. “A great place that makes you feel at home. I have been in there and wasn’t able to sit at the bar because seats were occupied by dogs…I LOVE IT! Bart and Yetis is by far my favorite place to visit when I’m in town. The food always hits the spot.

    It’s perfectly situated right around the corner from the Ski Bike shop where we go to visit with family so it makes for a great rendezvous spot.”

  4. “I have been to every bar in Vail. And this is my Favorite. You will always get into some deep mysterious conversation about the history of Bart and Yeti’s. With the Bartender or the guys sitting at the bar. I use to go in here after work every night the Season that I lived in Vail….and I miss it. I cant wait to go back and say hello to all my old friends!!!!……..(when it snows).”

  5. “The most chill, down to Earth bar/restaurant in Vail.

    Just watch your step when you leave.
    On our way home from here one night,
    my companions and I almost stepped on a bear.

    Oh, the comedy.”

  6. “This place is great if you are looking for somewhere to avoid tourists and hang out after a day on the hill. Their buffalo chicken sandwhich is solid. The best part for me was that my dog could sit at the bar next to me.”

  7. “I can’t speak to the food here, but of all the places I’ve been in Vail, ‘the Yeti’ as we call it, is my favorite. If you just want to sit down, have a cold beer and enjoy a good conversation with some laid back people. This is the place. It’s almost like it’s misplaced, like it’s not in Vail.

    I’ve steered a few out of towners here and they always rave about it, and the dog friendly atmosphere even makes it better. If you’re in Vail and want a Jameson and a beer in an un-vail-like atmosphere. This is your place!”

  8. “Great hangout after a long day on the slopes. Good food and good people.”


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